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Le Soleil Bookmark


From the moment it crests up over the horizon, the Sun fills us with hope. The dawn of a new day, a fresh opportunity, a chance for an exciting new adventure. It comforts us with its warmth, and gives life to all of the things around us. The Sun inspires creativity and gives people the power to meet the challenges in their every day life. 

You will fall absolutely in love with the intricate luxe gold line work that's delicately printed over this hand-drawn sky-inspired design. It wouldn't be complete without some dreamy gold edging and a tassel to make it that extra bit special. This will be your fave new bookmark and will see you through many of your incredible book adventures. 

Happy reading book lovers. 
This piece was created from deep within heart and soul. It has been printed on the highest quality paper by the highest quality printers so that absolutely no colour goes unused and no detail goes unseen. 


- Double Sided Bookmark
- 450gsm Matte Board
- 5.5cm x 16cm
- Gold edging & linework
- Tassel
- Created and drawn with love!