Green Christmas: Little Changes that Bring Joy & Help The Planet

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Clever, easy-to-follow tips for a fun and sustainable Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed by the rush to buy last-minute presents or feel pressurised into buying far more food than you can ever eat. At the same time, you know that tonnes of plastic will be making their way into landfill as a result of unwanted gifts or broken baubles. Not to mention the miles and miles of wrapping paper.

If you’re ready for a change this December, then Green Christmas is here to help you bring the focus back to happiness and togetherness. So, slow down, take a breath and approach the season as you should: merrily.

Every chapter in this book is brimming with tips to help you seek out sustainable but beautiful alternatives for the things you no longer feel you need, and come up with fun things to do with the people you care about. Once you start the journey of creating your own advent calendar, upcycling a novelty jumper or learning the art of furoshiki gift-wrapping, you’ll be beaming like a child at, well … Christmas.

It’s all about little changes that will bring you joy, year after year. The planet will thank you too!

About the Author

Eilidh (pronounced like Hayley without the H) Gallagher is an award-winning blogger, vlogger and freelance writer who works with global brands to encourage and promote greener choices in the travel, fashion and lifestyle industries. She lives in Bedford with her fiance and three children.