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Guides of the Hidden Realms Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

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Forty-four spirit entities, beautifully rendered by Colette Baron-Reid herself, have come from the hidden realms to offer assistance on your journey. This oracle was specially created by Colette so you can step into your life knowing that a power greater than yourself is always there loving you, keeping you safe, guiding you in difficult times, and celebrating you in fortunate times. The central theme of this deck is compassionate guidance, which helps us know a deeper relationship to the Conscious Universe and how to surrender to it, understanding our part in this Divine Partnership. This oracle acts as a bridge between you and your Higher Power—a way to be in direct dynamic personal dialogue—and a navigational tool to ensure you don’t get lost in the chaos of life as you manifest your most beautiful fulfilling destiny. While your life experiences will never be exactly the same as anyone else's, there are common universal themes where we all meet ourselves within. What our experiences really mean and what we make things mean will also evolve and move with our maturity and experience. Working with this oracle can help you: · make better decisions · stay on track with realizing your greatest dreams and intentions · create better relationships · offer more harmony to your life It will restore your hope for this world and continue to help you exercise faith and trust in the Great Invisible while the visible world often lags behind. You will begin to remember you are a divine being here to express the gifts of the Divine Source through you and your life. After all, the Divine needs you to experience Itself on Earth. In this way we learn to understand more deeply that life must hold space for both/and—suffering and joy, disappointment and victory, pain and forgiveness, the profane and the sacred, the seen and unseen worlds. All of it is sacred. Let this deck bless you with its wisdom, and watch the magic begin.